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XXL powering capsule (4 pcs) 5+1

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Model: 5999885908609
Manufacturer article number: 5999885908609
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A capsule is a solution to the potency disorders and the help available for maximum performance

dietary supplement capsules containing 100% natural ingredients that can help improve sexual stamina, increasing self-confidence.
No medicine, there are no known side effects. From the very first time you use spectacular results can be achieved, restore, increase the potency. This product can completely change your sex life, as promised strong, solid, longer-lasting erections, and even multiple orgasms! Due to highly concentrated, slowly resorbable sexual appetite enhancer active substances up to a few days is noticeable beneficial effect.
before the composition can be used directly measure or exert a beneficial effect in 15-20 minutes, or may be taken after the act of the capsule to re-manhood get into shape in a short period of time. Specially recommended for regular use, which can prevent the loss of potency history
However, to enhance sexual performance, reduce mental and physical fatigue, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system
100% natural ingredients including:.. the main ingredients:
-Panax Ginseng: a general tonic, stimulant, slows the aging process. A positive effect on physical activity and fatigue
Cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon). Helps the cinnamon sugar levels in type updating, or reduction in diabetic patients. Laboratory tests have already proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, excellent anti-oxidant, helps resistance to bacteria
-Lycium chinense (Chinese wolf berry). Contains the highest amount of vitamin C. Thanks to its special composition of helping in the fight against cancer. Antoxidánsokban and extremely rich in beta-carotene from which it is known to help prevent heart disease
Rhodiola Rosea-(golden root). Powerful antidepressant. The active ingredients of Rhodiola rosea strengthen the body's resilience against stress reactions cause physical, chemical, biological effects

-100% of the plant ingredients
-impotence preventive effect
-strong, hard, long lasting erections
-delay premature ejaculation
-natural aphrodisiac
-increasing mental and physical fitness
-stimulates blood circulation
, supports the nervous system
Dosage (recommended daily allowance):
1 capsule before about being together. .

15 to 20 minutes Warning:
Store away in a cool, dry place away from children! Erection for long hours, seek medical advice immediately! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Consult your doctor before use! 18 years of age, high blood pressure or any other disease sufferers do not use! Dietary supplements are not a substitute for diet and healthy life style
Food-stuff license number: 16829/2015.


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